Company Profile

S.E. Business Machines Inc. was founded on January 17, 1983,­­ since that time S.E. Business Machines Inc. has provid­ed service for S.E. Alaska, setting new standards of efficiency, promptness and reliability.
We are not just another Copier Dealer. We have been helping businesses in the Ketchikan and surrounding area run copies for more than  27 years.  Our Service Technicians have more training and field experience than anyone around.

S.E. Business Machines Inc.
has been theKyocera Mita Copier Dealer in Ketchikan since 1987   we have provided S.E. Alaska with hundreds ofKyocera Mita copying systems in that time.  S.E. Business Machines Inc. is responsible for more than 15 Million Copies annually.  That is a lot of copying!
Our services include the latest technology in Digital Copiers, Full Color Copiers, Laser Printers, Facsimile Machines, Cash Registers, and virtually any Machine you might need in your Business!

S.E. Business Machines Inc.
is the Authorized Dealer for all Kyocera Mita Products (Copiers & Laser Facsimile). Our Automated Dispatching System uses the latest technology available in our industry, so we can help you as efficiently as possible.   Our Automated Dispatching System also keeps a detailed Service History Record on your Machine for every time we've visited your machine.  This information is available to you if you ever have any questions about the service you have received.

S.E. Business Machines Inc.
Provides regular service to Petersburg, Wrangell, Craig, Klawock and Metlakatla.

Jim Duncan